Multi butterfly

The Multi Butterfly collection - Silver jewellery oxidised and brushed buck to reveal this beautiful detail. It has a slight industrial feel yet still feminine. Rings are mixed with brightly coloured stones that compliment the metal beautifully. Single oxidised butterfly is also in this collection.



The butterfly collection is simple, wearable everyday  jewellery. The curves of the silver butterflies with a satin finish are soft and feminine, simple and understated. Lots of sizes available. Double butterfly, hearts and bird motifs are also in this collection. This collection was the first designed by Leoma Drew.



The wing collection is ever changing and evolving. Taking the shape in its simplest form, the wearable jewellery pieces are influenced by each other.  Contemporary jewellery complimented with brightly coloured stones, enhanced by the body. Wing and bird motifs are also in this collection. 

“A huge thank you for the engagement ring you created. She absolutely loves it. If she was to design and make her own perfect ring, it would be the exact one you made. Proud to wear it. ”